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Shoutin' across the Pacific
Chiizu taberu koufuku shiteiru saru ga kangei-saremasen.
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Nobel-Prize Winning Economist and Late Show semi-regular Robert Mundell is on the Letterman show tonight reading excerpts from Paris Hilton's new book. Those on the West Coast may want to tune in.

posted by Charles at 11:51 PM

RIP Russ Meyer. A giant has left us.

posted by Charles at 9:15 AM

Friday, September 17, 2004
Belated RIP. Kenny Buttrey passed away Sunday. This obit provides a nice summary of his career.

Three of the four albums he worked on with Bob Dylan are Dylan's best.

posted by Charles at 10:31 PM

Tuesday, September 14, 2004
The Sky Is Burning
Posted some images of major fires in Iraq on SatBlog. The oil infrasturcture has taken a beating over the last few weeks.

posted by Chuck at 5:21 PM

Sunday, September 12, 2004
Frying Pan, Fire? William Lind has some thought on what's happening in central Iraq.

posted by Charles at 7:53 PM

Images of N. Korea blast
Put some images of the area of the N. Korea cloud/blast/whatever. Still working on labels and multispectral analysis.

Will comment on Charles' post below when things calm down a bit.

posted by Chuck at 6:46 PM

Wednesday, September 08, 2004
No More Satellite Images. Chuck would know more about this than I do. Doesn't sound good.

posted by Charles at 8:58 PM

Saturday, September 04, 2004
Betrayed Bob Barr reviews Jim Bovard's new book The Bush Betrayal. The key insight:

Each administration, it seems, must have a central theme around which its policies and actions revolve, and which provides a constant excuse for or explanation of why it does what it does. Who can forget the constant invocations by the Clintons that whatever the former president or his administration did, it was “for the children”? For the current administration of George W. Bush, any program, policy, or power grab—domestic or foreign—is justified because it furthers the War on Terror. Both the current and the immediately past administrations have fallen back on this ploy whenever criticized or attacked for their actions. After all, rather than bother to defend their actions as consistent with a core philosophy, it is much easier simply to label critics as “extreme” by claiming that if they are opposed to something the president or his employees are doing or have done, then by definition those critics must be against children or don’t support fighting terrorism. Shibboleths make such handy shields.

It truly is amazing, when you stop to think about it—as Bovard in his latest book forces us to do—that virtually everything the Bush administration has done to expand government power or expenditures is justified as being essential to winning “the war against terrorism.” Propping up farmers through outdated and expensive subsidies? Helps fight terrorism. Subsidies to sugar producers in order to keep prices of American sugar uncompetitively high? Necessary to fight terrorism. Tobacco subsidies? Ditto. How about a plan to have the government pay the way for lower-income home buyers who haven’t been able to save the money or qualify for loans to make their own down payments? A ridiculous and economically disastrous program, to be sure, but it’s worth the price to the Bush administration because—you guessed it—it creates stronger communities, which in turn are essential to improving America’s ability to fight terrorism. Hallelujah, and pass the collection plate!

posted by Charles at 9:46 PM

Zig Zag Zell. Who would have thought that the Democrat getting all the ink over the past two days would be a lame duck, backbench senator from Georgia, not the party's presidential nominee.

Virginia Postrel thought one of my observations about Zell Miller was interesting enough to post on her blog.

Meanwhile, Julian Sanchez is mortified by Zell's altercation with Chris Matthews.

Andrew Sullivan has called Zell a Dixiecrat. That's a bit unfair. With a few notable lapses, Miller was one of the better Southern politicians of his generation when it came to racial issues.

Zell worked hard to earn the nickname "Zig Zag Zell" long before he was appointed senator by Roy Barnes. Still, even his closest observers are perplexed by what happened to the governor who tried to remove the Southern Cross from Georgia's flag, created a huge new middle class entitlement (the HOPE scholarship)and generally governed to just slightly left of center in Georgia after he went to D.C..

He seems to be one of the few politicians who went to Washington and became more conservative.

Most observers I've talked to say that whatever happened in D.C. was more personal than ideological. As one old-time Democrat told me, "You don't get on TV and act that much like a redneck because of differences in policy."

posted by Charles at 3:17 PM

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